Cremation Gardens offered by bestgate memorial park

Chesapeake Cremation Garden and the Grace Garden at Lasting Tributes Cremation & Funeral Care and Bestgate Memorial Park are a one of a kind, themed area for placement of cremated remains.

Cremation  Garden

This garden consists of an 8ft. X 7ft. lighthouse columbarium exclusive to Lasting Tributes Cremation & Funeral Care. It provides placement of up to 84 niche urns with a variety of options regarding placement. Adjacent to the light house columbarium are themed ground burial sites for cremated remains with Coral Blue granite markers.

Come visit the Chesapeake Cremation Garden and spend some time in meditation of happy memories made with your loved one on the local waters of the Chesapeake Bay. Relax in a setting that captures our natural surroundings and tells the story of a life lived.

Grace cremation garden and ossuary 

Grace Garden at Bestgate Memorial Park offers a unique opportunity for families to place cremated remains.  Tucked just over the hill, Grace Garden is close enough to access, but private enough for families to visit it a bench, pedestal, or one of our other options. 

Grace BenchEach bench option includes a double occupancy bench with the 1st Engraving.  It also includes the inurnment fees of the first set of cremains.  Families are also given a unique opportunity to have personal planting space up to 1 ft on each side of bench.

Grace PedestalGrace pedestals include the engraving of the single occupancy pedestal and inurnment fees.  It also includes personal planting space up to 1 ft on each side of pedestal

Grace OssuaryBestgate Memorial Park’s ossuary option includes the placement of cremains in ossuary and a certificate of placement of cremains. The deceased will also be memorialized individually on an engraved Blue Gray flagstone with deceased’s name, birth and death dates, and butterfly engraving to be placed in wildflower garden near ossuary.

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