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Annapolis Funeral Home - Lasting Tributes Funeral Home of Annapolis, MD serves all of Annapolis, Maryland and the surrounding communities. Lasting Tributes is a family owned and operated funeral home designed to simplify the funeral buying process with its all-inclusive priced tributes to help create a one of a kind experience. Lasting Tributes of Annapolis, MD is the only area funeral home provider assisting one family at a time without the disruption of multiple services in one facility. Click here to learn more...

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Lasting Tributes Cremation & Funeral Care is making this potentially life-saving app available for FREE to download in the community as a way of showing their gratitude for allowing them to serve you.  In the event of an emergency, first responders can use the Vital ICE app to retrieve the user’s vital information. This information can then be easily taken on the ambulance to the hospital, or sent directly to the hospital from the Vital ICE app, where ER staff can further access this critical information. Remember, time is of the essence when saving lives!

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