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Lasting Tributes has found a need within the community to expand funeral home offerings to provide a one of a kind tribute to a life lived.  Families today are looking to further personalize their experience by having this time together reflect the life of the one they lost, offering to their guests a casual setting to Tell the Story of a Life Lived. With this known, Lasting Tributes is the exclusive provider of Tribute Specialists. 

Our Tribute Specialists are trained to assist families during a very difficult time by facilitating a Tribute while collaborating with family members.  They have been educated in areas of behavioral science with an emphasis on courses that focus on death and the grieving process.  They provide an atmosphere of love, warmth, and understanding that surrounds the family to form a circle of trust.  Our specialists can offer the family the ability to bring people together to celebrate the life of the deceased in a place where everyone feels welcome and free to share emotion without restriction that may be placed upon a family during this time of grief.

Every Tribute is different, no two are alike, and it is that individual, personalization that makes families feel secure in knowing their loved ones' life is shared with families, friends, coworkers, and neighbors.  Tributes consist of favorite music, pictures, personal favorites, wine or champagne toasts and can be as creative as the family wants.  Music and videos are played; poems, prayers, and personal testimonials are spoken. A display of your loved ones' favorite hobby can decorate the room to be on display for all to view.  Our Tribute Specialists' make themselves available to families to ensure that all details are included.  Our Tributes are available days, evenings, and weekends, providing the time for the family to adequately plan, which also allows out of town guests proper time to arrive.

Our Tribute Specialist

Connie R. Connolly, Certified Celebrant & Tribute Specialist

Certified Celebrant Connie Roland Connolly has a 40-year career as a former pastor, educator and award-winning journalist. She lives on her native Eastern Shore of Maryland with her husband Gary. Between them, they enjoy spending time with family, especially their blended crew of five children and seven grandchildren.

“Like you, I have attended my share of services, heard too many mispronounced names, and endured too many awkward and unfamiliar religious customs,” she says. “I believe that all families need to experience a tribute to a life lived through a sensitive, healing service that includes a fitting tribute. Families should be free to exclude elements that are not healing or helpful for them, and include those that are.”

“Many families have shared with me that the family meeting to share memories and plan their loved one’s tribute becomes therapeutic in its own right,” Connolly says. “Family and friends gather to share their memories as part of the grieving process. I gather up those memories and weave a narrative of a meaningful life – no matter how short or seemingly misspent, or long and accomplished – and design a service that truly pays tribute to their loved one. I’ve worked with families across the spectrum of loss: from the worst of tragic endings to a long life well-lived.”

“I believe that hurting families need healing, they need to feel safe, and they need to be heard. I have nearly 35 years of experience as a funeral celebrant, and I have been certified with Insight Institute for 13 years. My mission is to design an individualized and appropriate service of tribute that celebrates the life and personality of the deceased and helps his or her loved ones grieve in a healthy way.”

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