Pet Services

It is our goal to provide you with tender support and assistance during a most difficult time — the loss of a dearly loved pet. We offer prompt and compassionate care, and provide the resources to see you through your loss. All pets entrusted to our care for cremation or burial are handled through our licensed crematory by a courteous and professional staff or licensed funeral director for burial assistance. The most important aspect of our service is your personal emotional comfort. Your questions are welcome, and we encourage you to visit our clean and modern facilities, and to meet our courteous and professional staff.

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Private Cremation

Private Cremation

Some cremation centers today offer primarily group cremation. This is when multiple pets are cremated all at once. Our Cremation Center guarantees a private and caring method of cremation, one at a time. The client can be assured that they will receive only their pet’s cremated remains. We also issue a cremation number with a cremation certificate to all of our clients assuring that the cremated remains are that of their pet. 

To simplify the experience of pet cremation, we've created all-inclusive packages to help you determine what will be best for your family.

Basic Pet Cremation Tribute: $500- this includes transportation to our crematory, the cremation fee, and wood urn. Cremated remains will be returned within 5-7 business days. 

Standard Pet Cremation Tribute: $750 - this includes transportation to our crematory, the cremation fee, a personalized pet urn from our online catalog, and use of our facilities for up to one hour of a private farewell. Cremated remains will be returned within 3-5 business days. 

Guardian Pet Cremation Tribute: $1,000 - this includes transportation to our crematory, the cremation fee, a personalized pet urn from our online catalog, and use of our facilities for up to one hour of a private farewell, and a sterling silver Buddy paw print key chain. Cremated remains will be returned within 1-3 business days. 

**The above packages do not include transportation from the pet's home or vet's office, Weekend, Holiday, or After-Hours fees**

Please visit our online catalog for personalized urn options. 

Other available options include:
Transportation - A home or veterinarian office transportation fee of $150.00 will be applied for transports requiring one staff member. For pets weighting 70 pounds or more, two staff members may be required, and a fee of $250 will be applied.

After Hours Fee - An after-hours fee of $150 will be applied to all removals after 5:00 pm - 8:00 am.

Weekend Fee - A weekend fee of $200 will be applied to all services and removals between the hours of 5:00 pm on Friday until 8:00 am Monday morning. 

Special Requests - If you have any special requests (i.e.: clipping your pet's hair, removing and returning bedding, securing a clay paw print, etc.) a $50 fee may be applied. 

Transportation Service

Transportation Service

Whether in your home or through your local veterinarian, we will transport your pet upon request. Your pet may be taken into our care at any specified time of your choosing and location.

Private Burial

Private Burial

Some families today choose a traditional burial method for their pet.  We provide individual pet burials at our cemetery, Bestgate Memorial Park, or at a location of your choosing.  We accomodate private burial sites, such as personal land, along with the tasks necessary for burial to take place. This may or may not include, opening/closing of grave site, marking of grave site, casket and custom memorialization (monument or marker).

Compassion Extended

"A few short weeks ago, my husband and I said goodbye to a very dear member of our family, our Golden Retriever, Bear. He had been with us for almost 12 years and his death was devastating to us. But I want to tell you about a service that we used that helped to soften the blow.

You came to our home that night to take our Bear from us. You came to our door wearing a suit and tie, and when I commented on the attire, he said that our pets deserve as much respect and dignity as a person.

He brought in a pet stretcher that had a nice clean covering on it, and as he placed our dog on the stretcher, he spoke to him the whole time. He assured him that he was going to be safe and that he would not be alone in the funeral home that night before going on to the next step. We escorted the stretcher out to the van that was used for pet removal from the home, and as he turned around, he held his hands out to us and offered his sincere condolences for our loss. Of course, my husband and I were fighting back the sobs. But as the vehicle pulled off into the night, we somehow felt serene in the midst of our sorrow.

For those of you who read this that do not feel the same love for pets as we do, this may seem very frivilous and rediculous. But we have never, ever been so moved."

~ Brian and Lisa Cook