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Simply Speaking - Funeral PLanning

Presentation Series

Funeral planning is not an easy topic to think about and discuss with family and friends; however, everyone should. When we spend much of our time preparing for what might happen, it makes perfect sense to plan for what will happen, even though it may be difficult. Planning and setting aside funds for your final arrangements can provide you with the peace of mind that comes with knowing your expenses are eliminated from the future. This presentation is designed to provide you with the guidance and direction you need to start the planning for a funeral or cremation experience commemorating your life and walk you through the options of pre-payment. It will answer some of the commonly asked questions such as:

  • How do I go about planning a funeral or cremation?
  • What are my options for a memorial service?
  • Are there special considerations if I am a veteran or the spouse of one?
  • What are my funding options when making plans in advance?
  • Will Social Security provide any benefit to my family?

Ryan Helfenbein is a columnist for Outlook by the Bay magazine. In his upcoming educational presentation, he'll assist each of us in learning about funeral planning and safe avenues to set aside funds for your final arrangements. Come and enjoy some refreshments as we learn more in a relaxing and enjoyable environment.

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