Ask the Undertaker
Creating a Life Celebration

Presentation Series

Have you ever wondered why funeral and memorial services seem to concentrate on the last days of one’s life rather than the enjoyable times that you remember?  A hot topic today in the world of an undertaker is that of a Life Celebration: a one of a kind ceremony for family and friends to come together in a casual setting with food, music and memorabilia and share in the joyful times of a life lived.  This modern way of saying goodbye is growing in popularity and is truly fitting for the individual personalities in each of us.  During this presentation we will be discussing:

  • How can one go about creating a Life Celebration?
  • Can religious elements be tied into this type of ceremony?
  • What can be included in my Life Celebration?
  • Does this cost my family more or less than a traditional service?
  • Is my family able to have this with an open casket visitation?
  • Can I plan for a Life Celebration in advance?

Ryan Helfenbein is a columnist for Outlook by the Bay magazine. In his upcoming educational presentation, he'll assist each of us in learning about funeral planning and safe avenues to set aside funds for your final arrangements. Come and enjoy some refreshments as we learn more in a relaxing and enjoyable environment.

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