“Helping Families and Friends Honor Their Loved One”
“Helping Families and Friends Honor Their Loved One”

Signature Tributes

Remembrance Tributes & Custom Keepsakes

We specialize in providing unique and highly personalized ways to honor a life and leave a "Lasting Tribute”" for generations to come. Through our tribute experiences and custom keepsakes, a life can be honored in many ways.


Remembrance Tribute - $5,095

Remembrance Tributes are designed to transform the traditional "memorial service" into a memorable lasting tribute that captures a life in the most personalized way. This tribute is designed to be a casual time with fellowship, themed beverages and appetizers, personalized music, Journey of Remembrance DVD,  custom memorial merchandise, remembrance folders and much more.  All tailored to your specifications. Our Tribute Specialist (in combination with a clergy member if preferred) can be available to provide a time of "Shared Memories" for family and friends to take part in telling the life story of the one they love.

This one of kind tribute includes use of staff & facilities, transportation of deceased, all cremation expenses, choice of urn, catering, floral arrangements and custom remembrance folders.  It also includes the use of our funeral home, providing a time for family and friends to reflect on the life of the one they've lost while entering a setting that captures the memories left behind.

Transform the traditional memorial service into a time of fellowship, refreshments and a highly personalized tribute experience designed to Tell the Story of a Life Lived.

**Toasting Tributes are a nice addition to this option.














Custom Memorialization - prices quoted upon request

Being an all inclusive funeral home and cremation provider we own and operate our own monument company, allowing us to provide families with one of a kind custom memorialization options.  This includes custom upright monuments, bronze plaques, individual cremation memorials, and individual mausoleums and crypts.  With owning and operating cemeteries, we have the knowledge necessary to provide you with the assistance in creating a perfect memorial for the one you love.  Our memorials are designed to be placed in any cemetery or private lot of your preference.  We work with all area cemeteries. 



Arlington National Cemetery Memorial Tribute - $2,695

This honorable tribute provides arrangement for inurnment and military honors at Arlington National Cemetery, with an optional memorial breakfast gathering at our funeral home followed by a private family escort to the cemetery grounds. This tribute includes all transportation & cremation expenses, organization of miiltary honors and a niche urn.

Atlantic Scattering Tribute - $250

This tribute oversees the placement of cremated remains in the Atlantic Ocean using a biodegradable scattering urn. Each family is provided photographs and a certificate depicting a map and GPS coordinates of where their loved one was placed in the ocean waters.

This tribute may be added to any cremation tribute selected.

Toasting Tribute - $500 to $800

Memorial Toasts are designed to honor the one you loved by raising a glass and offering a toast. This time of memorialization allows family and friends to share a special story, poem or verse, in the form of a toast. Through our partner Harry Browne’s we are able to provide a champagne or wine toast of your preference.

This tribute may be added to any cremation or  funeral tribute selected.


Aviation Tribute - $650

Celebrate and honor your loved one with a special and unique tribute to a life lived. Offering many memorial destinations to choose from, cremains are scattered effectively and safely with a proprietary aerial urn designed exclusively for arieal scattering.

This tribute may be added to any cremation tribute selected.  .

Balloon Release Tribute - $125

Balloon Release Tribute is a tangible way to help children and adults honor their loved one. Included in the tribute are fifty bio-degradable balloons with the option of a personalized memory card with each balloon. The ceremony is coordinated with the assistance of our staff at a location of your choice.

This tribute may be added to any cremation or funeral tribute selected.

Custom Keepsakes - Prices are quoted upon request

Fingerprint Keepsakes

From two-dimensional ink prints, a keepsake is created using the time-honored process of wax casting. The resulting keepsake is three-dimensional, allowing you to feel the ridges of the print of your loved one. The backside is finished with personalized engraving that further echoes the connections you share.

Available as Keepsake charms – Heart shaped and oval shaped, Rings, Remembrance Bands, Charm bracelets, Earrings, Tie Tac/Lapel Pin, Cuff Links, and much more…

Memory Glass®

Create an everlasting memorial using only a small portion of your loved one’s remains. Each piece can be customized. Like a fingerprint, no two pieces are identical. Memory Glass® is available as hearts, pendants, globes or touchstones.

Memory Portrait

Obtain a uniquely personalized portrait from practically any scanned photograph. Portraits are available with customized options.

Remembrance Jewelry

Create an individual keepsake you can forever cherish. Remembrance Jewelry such as necklaces, bracelets and charms can play an important role in healing.

Love Remains

Stunning one-of-a-kind keepsakes as vibrant as the lives they represent. Each piece is a beautiful reflection of the life of your loved one. Several lines of keepsake jewelry and memorials are available, including pendants, tiles and framed memorials.


A number of options are available to help you create meaningful memories to honor and embrace the life of your loved one. Examples include hand painted bronze starfish, pewter wind chimes, and mantel clocks.

Life Tributes Folders

Using various photographs and themes, Life Tribute Folders will allow you to create a personal memorial that connects all who shared in the life experiences of your loved one.