“Helping Families and Friends Honor Their Loved One”
“Helping Families and Friends Honor Their Loved One”

Ask The Undertaker
Leave Nothing to Chance

Presentation Series

We’ve all talked about it.  We’ve all thought about.  Now let’s do it!  If you are like most Americans and want your final arrangements made in advance, but may be apprehensive of meeting at a funeral home or not clear about what exactly you may want in the future, now is your time.  Leave Nothing to Chance is a two part seminar series designed to provide guidance in making advance arrangements while uncovering the myths on cremation and funeral planning.  Learn what service options are available today, how your family’s special preferences can be accommodated, and how to develop a sense of direction for your family. As we walk through this two part seminar series, we’ll be answering questions such as:


» What options are available for Cremation and Funeral services today?

» What information is necessary for legal documentation?

» How much information should I note for my life history (obituary)?

» What do I need? vs. What do I want?

» Are there ways to cut costs and avoid emotional overspending?


Ryan Helfenbein is a columnist for Outlook by the Bay magazine. In his upcoming educational presentation, he'll assist each of us in learning about modern undertaking options available, ways to save on funeral and cremation expenses and developing our own personal plan. Come and enjoy some refreshments as we learn more in a relaxing and enjoyable environment.

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